Rebecca McCutcheon

Director theatre & site specific performance

Til We Meet in England 2017

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Some of you will know about or maybe saw the pop up of Til We Meet in England at last year’s Peckham Festival. I’m really excited that we’ll be returning to Safehouse to stage this in a full run later this year, and we’ve just started a Crowdfund Campaign to support the project. The project will launch Lost Text/Found Space as a Peckham-based theatre company, making work for the local and London-wide community, and will be a landmark for Safehouse too, as it will be the first full run of a production, and so will put the location as well as us on the map.
Our work is truly unique, offering innovative approaches to staging remarkable lost texts.

Til We Meet In England:
A family discover their son is missing, possibly murdered by sectarian forces. They prepare themselves to flee, but are surrounded by a blood-hungry mob. How can human values persist when humanitarian beliefs are flung aside?

Working with Elizabeth Inchbald’s extraordinary lost tragedy, The Massacre, experiences of persecution, displacement and mob violence are explored resonating with Britain’s contemporary refugee crisis and the rise of fascism across Europe. Through examining and responding to The Massacre and its themes in Safe House in Peckham, we create an intimate experience which brings you face to face with the world of persecution and panic, loss and longing for home.

Til We Meet in England is our first full-length run – we’ve made sell-out pop up versions of this amazing piece; we now want to reach a bigger audience and have a wider impact. Our Crowdfund Campaign will help us to make the project accessible and inclusive of as wide a local audience as we can, helping us to connect to young people and local communities through workshops and events.

Please check out the campaign video below, and support us by pledging for one of the rewards, and help to make this wonderful project happen:
Please do pledge and share

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