Rebecca McCutcheon

Director theatre & site specific performance

Research and publications

Image copyright Jamie Smith

Image copyright Jamie Smith

I have recently completed a Phd by Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London. I am funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council. This has been a creative and academic journey which has stretched, challenged and altered me and my approach to all aspects of my work, and I feel excited by the new opportunities which have emerged from the process.

My PhD research investigated a range of site:text correspondences available in site specific theatre practice, interrogating the range of strategies available as a director in working with both theatre text and non-theatre sites as generative elements in creative process. As a visiting lecturer at Royal Holloway, I teach from my research in the areas of site-specific and immersive theatres, audience agency, and approaches to text.

My paper, Finding Myself, Lost, was presented at Exeter’s ‘Audience, Experience, Desire’ conference, in January 2016.

My article, ‘A Rehearsal Studies Approach to The Tragedy of Mariam‘ appeared in peer reviewed journal Early Theatre 17.2 (2014) 187-201, DOI: http//

I have co-authored a chapter on site-specific practice, ‘Site-Specific Marlowe’ in Performing Early Modern Drama Today, ed P. Aebischer & K.Prince, Cambridge University Press.

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