Rebecca McCutcheon

Director theatre & site specific performance


This is a space where you can find out information about me, my work and interests as a director, and some of my past projects, as well as blogs on my current work.

Re-visiting Dido:

This week I was invited to join classicist Natalie Haynes to discuss Dido, Queen of Carthage on Radio 3’s Free Thinking. My productions, as angels in the architecture, of the play were the first professional productions, and it was my first creative encounter with a ‘lost text’. Its been an important play for me to work with, through it I began my exploration of site-specific working of lost or forgotten plays. The RSC’s production this year see the play become part of the living repertoire in British theatre.

You can listen to the interview here:

Nov 6th-Dec 2nd
Safehouse, Peckham, SE15

Til We Meet In England:
A family discover their son is missing, possibly murdered by sectarian forces. They prepare themselves to flee, but are surrounded by a blood-hungry mob. How can human values persist when humanitarian beliefs are flung aside?

Working with Elizabeth Inchbald’s extraordinary lost tragedy, The Massacre, experiences of persecution, displacement and mob violence are explored resonating with Britain’s contemporary refugee crisis and the rise of fascism across Europe. Through examining and responding to The Massacre and its themes in Safe House in Peckham, we create an intimate experience which brings you face to face with the world of persecution and panic, loss and longing for home.

Til We Meet in England is Lost Text Found Space’s first full-length run.

For more information and to book tickets visit the company website:


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